505 Entrees, Meals, Snacks & More

All 505 products are made with the freshest ingredients, filled or rolled by hand and fresh frozen/gas flushed to lock in great taste. We bring together our seasoned rice, savory meats and delectable whole & refried beans to make out burritos, taquitos, flautas and quesadillas, so that each bite will satisfy your appetite. For an authentic traditional meal that’s easy to prepare, choose 505 to experience the New Mexico tradition.


One of the most delicious New-Mex products, the quesadilla remains a favorite snack of all generations. This savory flour turnover is filled with chicken, beef or pork, cheese and spices create a treat that will delight the whole family. Dress it up with rice, beans and 505 green chile and you will have a fantastic meal.

Flautas & Taquitos

These may be the best New-Mex finger foods on the planet. They are quick, convenient, and perfect alongside your favorite dipping sauce–especially our 505 salsa. Freshly fried, handmade Taquitos (corn) and Flautas (flour) are sure to satisfy your craving for a crispy treat.


Tired of buying frozen burritos that taste nothing like your favorite restaurant? That’s why our burritos are hand-prepared with authentic ingredients, tasty proteins and carefully wrapped in a fresh flour tortilla. One of the best handheld meals just got a whole lot better.